Kids Reading Circle

Standard Summer Reading List

Check off your books as you read them...

It's nearly time to throw those knapsacks in the closet, stuff those dog-earred three-binders under the bed -- and pick up books you've wanted to read all year. The books that usually don't appear on school requirement lists.

But you're way ahead of us, right? Got a fresh stack of unread books on your desk ready to go? Got a library list all written out? What? No stack! No List! Well, turn on your printer because Kids Reading Circle has got just the list for you...Don't forget to use the Handy-Dandy Progress Chart and don't forget to print out your Achievement Certificate at summer's end!

Directions for Use:

In general the first half of each list more appealing to girls, the second half to boys, but often both will like both.
Visit your local library first! Many books below are part of a series -- so if you like, check for more!

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For Early Readers :

Chapter Books

  • Fairy Haven Series (Gail C. Levine)
  • Spiderwick Chronicles (Tony DiTerlizzi )
  • Regarding the Sink (Kate Klise)
  • Betsy and Billy (Beverly Cleary)
  • Seven Day Magic (Edward Eager)
  • Elisa Moves in (Johanna Hurwitz)
  • The Bronze Pen (Zilpha Keatley Snyder)
  • Write Total Read Here_________

Go on a Library Run and
Check Out all Picture Books by:

  • Mark Teague
  • Melinda Long
  • Doreen Cronin
  • Kevin Henkes
  • Elisa Kleven
  • Susan Meddaugh
  • also Ladybug, Spider Magazines
  • Write Total Read Here_________

For Middle Readers :

  • The Pineapple People (Anne Lindbergh)
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (Stewart)
  • Rules (Cynthia Lord)
  • Fablehaven (Brandon Mull)
  • The Saturdays (Elizabeth Enright)
  • Half Magic (Edward Eager)
  • The City of Ember (Jeanne DuPrau)
  • Five Children and It (E. Nesbit)
  • Write Total Read Here_________
  • Bud, Not Buddy (C. P. Curtis)
  • Number the Stars (Lois Lowry)
  • Walk Two Moons (Sharon Creech)
  • Runemarks (Joanne Harris)
  • The Lightening Thief (Riordan)
  • Queste (Angie Sage)
  • Running Out of Time (Haddix)
  • The Forgotten Door (Alexander Key)
  • also Cricket Magazine (Library)
  • Write Total Read Here_________

For Teens :

  • Hunger Games Series
  • Divergent Series
  • Lock & Key (Susan Dessen)
  • The Sweet Far Thing (Libba Bray)
  • And Then There were None (A.Christie)
  • The Wee Free Men (Terry Pratchett)
  • Elsewhere (Gabrielle Zevin)
  • The Higher Power of Lucky (Susan Patron)
  • Spells & Sleeping Bags (Sarah Mlynowski)
  • Write Total Read Here_________
  • The Amber Spy Glass (P.Pullman)
  • Icefire (Chris D'Lacey)
  • The Grey King (Susan Cooper)
  • Airborn (Kenneth Oppel)
  • The Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
  • Katherine Mansfield Short Stories
  • Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
  • Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Twain)
  • Write Total Read Here_________