Kids Lesson Plan or Book Club Questions - 2007

The City of Ember

by Jeanne DuPrau

Ages: 3rd-5th Grade

Primary Activity: Draw a Map

Using the map of Ember in the book, find the following locations: river, greenhouses and school. Also identify north, south, etc. on the map. Use what Doon said on page 43:

In school, you were taught to remember the directions this way: north was the direction of the river; south was the direction of the greenhouses; east was the direction of the school; and west was the direction left over, having nothing in particular to mark it.

On Friendship

What realization did Lina reach to help her decide that Doon was her best friend?

On Drawing

Lina drew pictures of an imaginary city. Draw a picture of a place that you think might exist, but is unlike our world today. Use at least one color for a reason and explain your reason. For example, Lina colored her sky blue just because she thought it might look pretty -- this was significant because the sky in the above-ground world is blue.

On Famous Leaders

The mayor is taking advantage of the citizens of Ember. Do we have corrupt leaders?

For Dicussion

The City of Ember was lacking in the conveniences of today, such as washing machines, food variety. Make a list of all they were lacking. Make a list of something good about the way they lived in this strange city.

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