Reviewed -- Winter 2008

Bear Feels Sick

by Karma Wilson

Ages 3-up
40 pages

There's something about a wonderful picture book that can set a day straight, isn't there? In the newest Wilson Bear book, lovable cuddly Bear doesn't feel well. He has a cold, along with snuffles and sneezes. The autumn wind blows mightly outside, but Bears stays huddled up in his toasty warm cave, tended lovingly by his friends who tuck him cozy, and bring him broth. Friends like this can make everyone feel better. This is a sing-song book with soothing appeal, though watch out for the not-so-surprising turn at the end!

Bear will quickly become a character to whom your child will relate. Try the rest of Bear books, including Bear Snores On, Bear's New Friend, and Bear Wants More.

Review by D.

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